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intelligence (AI)

Power infrastructure

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Our Northern European-based company possesses an extensive and diverse global experience in various aspects of High-Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Crypto Bitcoin mining data centers, including design, development, construction project management, and remote monitoring and 24x7 operations management. Our proven track record includes successful completion of 50 projects (clasical DC, single phase and two phase immersion, hydro cooling) in 14 countries worldwide, with a capacity exceeding 1.4GW.

We have established a network of reliable partners for the fabrication of various industrial buildings and products, and our reputation in the industry is well-established. Leveraging our strong background in IT, project management, industrial engineering, and automation, we offer our expertise in the following areas:

Information technology (IT)

 High performance computing (HPC)

Data center (DC) development

Cyber security & Governance

Project management