HPC/AI DC facilities and sites design

  • Secure high performance and redundant LAN/WAN networks design and setup.
  • Incident and change management (ticketing and work planning systems). DR/BCP planning and testing.
  • IT infrastructure performance and capacity monitoring systems, remote monitoring and management.
  • Physical security / guards process implementation. Internet connectivity and failover setup, firewalls, VPN.
  • CCTV (IP Cameras, NVR), alarm systems, fire detection and alarm systems.
  • Cybersecurity policies, governance, and people security awareness training and maturity growth.
  • VoIP (IP telephony systems and call center solutions).
  • On-demand fire safety audits and improvements (incl alarm & automatic fire suppression systems).
  • Evacuation plan preparation. Basic fire safety training.
  • Efficiency and performance analysis,
    tests and different models/vendors comparison.
  • Custom equipment design and testing.
  • Custom servers firmware/software.
  • Servers monitoring and management systems design and development, sourcing and implementation, users training.
  • Electronics repairs lab setup, tools, repair process lean, staff training. Electronics spare parts sourcing and delivery.
  • Supply chain management, servers and parts sourcing and delivery/ logistics planning. Knowhow for HPC industry specific materials and solutions.
  • HSE documentation analysis and creation.
  • On-demand HSE audit, improvement recommendations.
  • HSE & ergonomics movement trainings.

Fire safety guidance 

(NFPA standards)

Project management

Efficiency and lean

IT and Cybersecurity 

Health and safety guidance

 (OHSA standards)

Electrical design and automation

HPC/AI equipment

  • Organizational setup (org structure, roles and responsibilities etc).
  • Workforce sourcing and training, build highly efficient teams. Policies and procedures creation.
  • Objectives and key results (OKR) and KPI process design and implementation.
  • Design and existing designs analysis for different data center (DC) types, for best fit/specific needs and max performance.
  • For specific weather/location best suitable DC type customization/design selection.
  • Site layout design, for max performance and efficient land utilization. Location metrological weather data analysis.
  • 3D sketch designs.
  • Project design documentation review and auditing.
  • Professional engineering designs (USA/Canada/EU/Nordics approved).
  • ​Mobile DC design consultations and fabrication sourcing.
  • HPC/AI DCs build coordination, supervision and quality control.
  • Analysis, scope and project plans creation/ schedule updates / review.
  • Project budget creation and spending tracking.
  • Project risk analysis and mitigation plans development.
  • Project closing documentation preparation and site handover to operations.
  • Electrical infrastructure low and high voltage design (USA/ Canada/ EU/ Norway standards), as built review and audit services. Components and fully built systems sourcing.
  • Sourcing of certified materials (cables, distribution boxes, switchgear, transformers etc).
  • Custom Busbar systems, Distribution boxes and PDUs design.
  • PLC, SCADA and BMS (building management systems) systems (automation, remote control and monitoring).
  • ​Mobile energy storage and electric wehicles charging stations design and fabrication sourcing.